Ron Duprat - April 2019


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April 2019 EDITION

Featured Chef:
Ron Duprat
Beverage Director/Executive Chef, The Bridgewater Golf and Country Club; Top Chef Competitor 

April 2019 EDITION

You are a Top Chef, celebrated restaurateur, author, humanitarian and Executive Chef. How do you juggle it all? 

My GM Mike Gardner said it best we all need a life of balance. The objective is to always, 'Go above and beyond and be better than everyone else'

When did you know that you wanted to be a Chef? Was there a “aha” moment in your life where you knew this was your destiny? 

When I was 10, my Grandmother always cooked for our family and friends. I always admired the feedback and loved she received from just doing what she loved to do. When I came to the states  In 1992 I worked with Philip A Maronne ,Anna Maronne, Antonia Bonjovanie and Aldo Cantaldo. I was able to walk around the kitchen, and that was my Aha moment. I never looked back after that.

What’s the greatest fear you’ve had to overcome to get where you are today? 

My biggest fear was that I was not good enough to compete with the people around me.

If you could share one surprising thing about yourself, what would it be? 

My passion for culinary art rest within the food science prospective.

What is the newest culinary trend you see emerging that you’re using yourself? 

The new trend of mindful eating has become a large part of the industry at the moment. I am now preparing and thinking about new ways to turn the classics into health conscious options.

Name one meal that you couldn’t live without? 

A great bowl of home cooked Haitian beans.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment? 

To be able to be in a high position within several hotels culinary operations as well as exclusive fine dining clubs. 

Is there Chefs that you admire the most? Who and why? 

Chef Jose Andres, Alex Askew , Eduardo Jordan , Kevin A Relf , Jaime Jerrezzano , Jeffrey Weiss, Fejsal Demiraj. Great thought leaders and culinary masters, culinary professional with high standard and served as a role models for other to follow.

What advice would you give to young aspiring chefs or who are just starting out in the restaurant industry?

 Learn the basics of the culinary arts, show culinary respect and think like an ambassador. They will also need to gain an understanding of the foundation of Le Repertoire De La Cuisine Striving to advance their skill each day.

What can your fans expect from you next? 

A new cooking show about diversity in the Culinary and Hospitality Industry and my life as a Chef 

Bonus questions: Dance or sing? Winter or summer? Breakfast or brunch? 

Dance Haitian Compas, summer, Brunch 

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