Leadership Awakening: Welcome to the New Era Workplace

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Leadership Awakening: Welcome to the New Era Workplace

Presented by:

 Ed Doherty,
Founder of One Degree Coaching


In 2020, Millennials will outnumber Baby Boomers in the workplace. This is the beginning of a major generational, cultural and economic shift. The impact will be seismic. As Millennials begin to inhabit not only more of the workplace population, they are also vying for leadership roles with Boomers. There is a generational challenge in the workplace due to many factors such as differing work styles, values, perceived and actual “generational intolerance” and power struggles.

Moreover, according to Gallup, 75% of our workforce is disengaged and 51% are looking to change jobs. There is also a talent pool deficit due to the historically high employment levels. All these issues have a wide-ranging negative impact on organizations economically and culturally.

Ed Doherty is the founder of One Degree Coaching, LLC, a leadership and business consultancy specializing in improving the quality of work-life for their clients. Through organizational planning, team building, role-based assessment, strategic planning and leadership development One Degree helps business leaders build sales, profits and brand loyalty. Employing a coaching platform that ensures sustainable results, One Degree works with business leaders to develop cohesive, high-performing businesses.
Before founding One Degree, Ed worked in hospitality, starting in the 1970s as a chef and later as a managing partner, director of operations, COO and business owner.

Leadership Awakening: Welcome to the New Era Workplace