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Will your restaurant become the next Sears or Amazon?

Harnessing customer data and hyper-personalization to increase your customer lifetime value and market expansion
Today’s restaurant chains are under increasing pressure to grow their businesses—despite these unprecedented times, a devastating labor shortage, and hyper-competitive markets. Traditional restaurant marketing is no longer viable in a digital-first economy.
Join UEAT as we explore how restaurateurs can leverage the tremendous power of customer data and hyper-personalization to create unmatched experiences that will elevate their brand and improve their overall customer lifetime value. We’ll show you how analytics plays a key role in both marketing and operations, whether a restaurant chain decides to increase their brick-and-mortar footprint, expand their online ordering strategy, open ghost kitchens, launch digital brands, or extend their market penetration in unconventional venues. This webinar is a must-attend for any restaurant chain that is looking to use data for market growth. Sears or Amazon? The choice is yours.



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