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COVID-19 Resources for Restaurant & Foodservice Professionals

We know this is a difficult time for many restaurants and foodservice organizations as we all stand against the impact the coronavirus is having on the world’s health and economy. Also, our hearts and thoughts are with those who have been affected directly by the virus or had family members affected.

In our goal to support and be a resource for the industry year-round, we continue to utilize our relationships with industry experts to share education and webinar content, and are looking at virtual meeting options, as a way for restaurant and foodservice operators to stay connected and informed – with each other, and with vendors.

We have created this industry resource, and we will use this page as a repository for tools and information to help operators stay educated and as up-to-date as possible.



2020 Permanently Changed Restauranteering; Here’s What You Need to Survive the Long-Haul (Sponsored by Tapmango)

There’s no easy way to put it, tens of thousands of restaurant establishments have permanently closed this year, while the restaurants that survived faced massive changes in how we do business. We take orders differently, we must seat fewer people at a time, and our staff has to work differently. Our customers are more weary, careful, and on average, come less often this year... Now what? Doing business the way we did in 2019 won’t cut it in the new climate. Tens of thousands of eateries are thriving, but it’s because they have adopted the new normal, which will seem to continue long after Covid, as customers form new habits. In this webinar, you will learn:
●    How to use the right technology to increase online sales without losing money.
●    How to keep your customers loyal to you- no matter what.
●    How to get your customers to spend more per visit.
●    How to get new customers to try your establishment. 
Presented By: Jessica Lusthouse, Director of Partnerships, TapMango


Attract More Customers with Facebook and Instagram Advertising (Sponsored by GoDaddy)
Presented By: Kelly Dieball, Senior Marketing Specialist, GoDaddy Social​

Safety Has Always Been #1, However Your Customers Now Want to See It
Speakers: Betsy Craig, CEO & Founder, MenuTrinfo; Crystal Duncan, MBA, FMP, Co-Founder/Owner, Cox Duncan Network LLC; Carlos Menes, CP-FS, Director, Food Safety & Product Quality Assurance, Sodexo NorAm​
Sponsored by Sani Professional

Online Ordering: Your Virtual Lifeline
Moderator: Robert Grimes, Founder and CEO, IFBTA
Panelist: Kathy Alcaras (SY), Director of IT, Eureka! Restaurant Group; Yoo Jin Yi, IT Manager, Gibsons Restaurant Group; Robert Notte, VP of Technology, Mod Pizza

Make Work From Home Work For You
Moderator: Robert Grimes, Founder and CEO, IFBTA
Panelists: Lou Grande, VP of IT, Red Lobster; Donna Herbel, VP Training and Culture Development, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery; James Hughes, Vice President, Human Resources, Red Lobster

The New Human Touch: How to Make Your Restaurant Contactless
Moderator: Robert Grimes, Founder and CEO, IFBTA
Panelists: Ian Burnett, Restaurant Technology Consultant, Firehouse Subs Headquarters; Lori Ness, Sr. Director, Store Systems, Hard Rock; Jesse Shlachtman, Manager of System and Operations Analytics, Yardbird Group

5 Ways to Adjust Your Social Media Strategy for Your Restaurant or Bar
Presenter: Kelly Dieball, a member of GoDaddy Social's webinar team

Women Leading the Charge to the Next Normal
Presenters: Erin Wade, Founder and Owner, Homeroom Mac+Cheese, Oakland, CA; Danielle Rosse, Founder and Owner, Ocean 234, Deerfield Beach, FL; Sandy Korem, Founder and Owner, Festive Kitchen, Dallas, TX
Moderator: Kathleen Wood, Founder and Owner, Kathleen Wood Partners and Suzy's Swirl, Chicago IL.

Get Your Plan in Place: 7 Steps to Your Business Comeback
Presenter: Darren S. Denington, Founder, Service with Style Hospitality Group

Re-Restaurant Return: How to Develop Your Plan to Reopen and Stay Open! 
Presenters: Kathleen Wood, Founder & CEO, Kathleen Wood Partners, Jamie Griffin, Founder & Principal, Consult to Grow; co-CEOvisor, Growisely

Delivering Confidence: Blueprint for Forward in Food Safety
Presenters: Douglas Davis, CPFS, Sr. Director Global Food Safety, Marriott® International, Betsy Craig, Founder & CEO, MenuTrinfo®

The Upside of Down: How to Survive, Revive, and Thrive!
On-Site Foodservice…Amplifying Your Culture with Russ Benson, FMP, Founder & CEO, DayOne Hospitality Consulting
Menu as Driver: Brand Soul, Sales Ambassador, Profit Champion with Karen Malody, FCSI, Principal, Culinary Options, LLC 
Transparency Food, Food Safety, and Messaging with Betsy Craig, Founder & CEO, MenuTrinfo
3 Steps to Goals Achieved, An Inspired Team & Pitbull Financials! with Rudy Miick, CMC, FCSI, Founder/President, Miick

UPDATE: Rent Assistance for Foodservice Tenants Leasing Retail and Commercial Space from Landlord’s During COVID-19  
Presenter: Dale Willerton, Founder, The Lease Coach

Re-Restaurant 2020: The Restaurant Operator’s PATH TO THE NEXT NORMAL
Presenters: Kathleen Wood, Founder & CEO, Kathleen Wood Partners and Jamie Griffin, Founder & Principal, Consult to Grow; co-CEOvisor, Growisely

Presenter:  Sandy Korem, CEO/Founder, The Catering Coach

Delivering Confidence: Food Safety Moving Forward to a New Normal
Presenters: Betsy Craig, Founder & CEO, MenuTrinfo®, Douglas Davis, CPFS, Sr. Director Global Food Safety, Marriott® International, and Christy Trinkler, Sr. Director Product Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Trabon®.

The New Era of Takeout and Delivery 
Moderator: Robert Grimes, Founder and CEO, IFBTA
Panelists: Evan Johnston, Sales Engineer, Lightspeed; Brodie Somerville, Chef and Owner, Maynard; Andrew Bacque, Manager, Gongfu Bao; Dustin Haffner, General Manager, BRGR BRGR
Sponsored by Lightspeed

Starting a Restaurant in a Post Pandemic World
Presented by: Doug Radkey, President & Project Manager of KRG Hospitality, Inc.​

Why Customer Connection Is Key
Moderator: Robert Grimes, Founder and CEO, IFBTA
Panelists: Kathleen Chugh, CIO North America, Nando's PERi PERi - USA; Dan Simons, Founder and Co-Owner, Farmers Restaurant Group

The Pivot to Take out, Delivery and Catering: Leveraging the Opportunities
Moderator: Robert Grimes, Founder and CEO, IFBTA
Panelists: Geoff Alexander, President, Wow Bao, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises; Chris Incorvati, Director Café Operations and Support, Panera Bread; Pankaj Patra, CIO, Brinker International

Influencing Influencers Sheltered at Home during COVID-19
Presenter: Nancy Trent, Founder and President, Trent & Company

Hungry for a FRESH Start to Stay Healthy and Calm in Anxious Times? Experts Share Insights.
Presenters: Dr. Rob Graham, Founder, FRESH Medicine and Peggy Neu, President, Monday Campaigns

Wellness Trends during COVID-19 and after
Presenter: Nancy Trent, Founder and President, Trent & Company

Restaurant Preparation to Minimize COVID-19 Disease Risk and What You Need to Do Now
Presenter:  Roslyn Stone, MPH, COO of Zero Hour Health

Create Your Cash Flow Plan to Ride Out the COVID-19 Pandemic
Presented by:  NYSRA and David Scott Peters, Restaurant Expert and Coach

Curbside for Full Service Restaurants
Presented by the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association and the Texas Restaurant Association
Preparing Your Restaurant for Surging Delivery during COVID-19
Presented by:  Tim Riedel, VP of Marketing & Ops for ezCater; Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark (and restaurateur for Canter's Deli); Charlie Jeffers, Head of Innovation for Ordermark; Hope Neiman, CMO of Tillster; Thomas Kaiser, Editor at Food on Demand

COVID-19 Tax Relief - What Restaurant Owners Need to Know
Download Presentation
This Webinar was recorded on 3/27/2020 before the CARES Act was enacted. It is intended for discussion purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.​
Presented by: Karen Tenenbaum

COVID-19 Update for Restaurants and Food Service : Tools for operating safely now and later
Presented by: Roslyn Stone

How Restaurants Are Responding to COVID-19 Crisis
Presented by: Pat Cobe & Heather Lalley

How Technology Enables Operations in Crisis
Presented by IFBTA, featuring:  Chris Incorvati (Panera Bread), Robert Notte (MOD Pizza), Larry Reinstein (LJR Hospitality Ventures), Tom Kaiser (Food on Demand), and Rob Grimes (IFBTA) 

Applying your Hospitality Skills for Non-Hospitality Jobs
Presenters: Beatrice Stein, Founder, Beatrice Stein Hospitality Consulting; Kate Edwards, Founder, Kate Edwards & Company; Janet Hoffmann, Founder, HR Aligned Design

 How to Set up Your Kitchen for Healthy, Delicious Meals All Week Long
Presenter: Mareya Ibrahim, Founder, Eat Cleaner; aka “The Fit Foodie”


The Coronavirus Action Plan for Restaurants Offer
Presented by: The Restaurant Coach

Restaurant Business Tips for Managing Coronavirus Pandemic: What Restaurants Can Do Right Now
Presented by: David Scott Peters

Building Sales and Community
Presented by: Kathleen Wood

COVID-19: What Restaurants Should Post On Social Media If They’re Closed
Presented by: Shawna Murphy, Social High Rise​

Food and Beverage Magazine's Guide to Restaurant Success
Author: Michael Politz | Publisher: Food & Beverage Magazine


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